Willing Victim
being a whore (part 1)

"21/m/bottom looking for mature older sugar daddies"

such was my post in mIRC 2 years back.

being a whore is nasty, raunchy fun. i revel in the idea of being a cheap, dirty piece of trash.

** private message **

<olderguy> hi. i can pay you. meet me at the mrt. i will pick you up.

<me> ok sure! remember to pay me!

** end private message **

i can remember the first time i met him. it was after my university class. i took a train out of the way from my university to a north side train station. he texted me to wait alongside the road for pick up. waiting for a while, he called to ask what i was wearing. not long after that, a car stopped next to me and he beckoned me to get inside.

he was a older man, mixed malay and chinese. not a good looker, at all. big sized, bald but talkative and humorous, i was quickly seduced. he touched my crouch while he was driving me back to his house.

i always have a thing for older and uglier men. the more perverted and dirty the look, the more erect my johnny gets. being humiliated sexually by such rodents make me feel excessively cheap - which is something i genuinely like.

we got off his car, and started walking towards his block. halfway through the lift, ge grabbed my ass and pinched them. i could not resist but let off a satisfied grin.

in his flat, he made me feel comfortable at home. first, he switched off the tv and played some cliche dvds. i relieved myself in the toilet, only to realise that he is watching me.

back at the sofa, he undressed my jeans, and started fondling my penis. he got close to my 7 inch number, and whispered appreciably that my penis has a nice smell. my cock only got harder.

then he brought me to his room. he was actually attached, but enact his gay escapades in his free time. he took off his clothes to reveal a huge belly and small dick. i immediately grabbed his cock, and without hesistation, helped myself to his small candy. so tasty :)

afterwards he got me onto the bed and turned off some gay porn dvd. we watched a dozen guys fucking each other while he doggied me, his 2 inch cock barely entering my warm, willing anus - but he was clearly enjoying himself by rubbing his cock against my perianal region.

then he forced me to lie upwards next to the edge of the bed, and lifted my legs up so that his small penis can access my anus better. then he stood on the edge of the bed and thrusted against me. i was helpless and willingly so.

finally, we 69’ed and eventually cummed into each other’s mouth. he kept emphasizing how lovely i am and how nice my schlong is.

an hour after i got into this love nest, he paid me and sent me back to the train station.

i felt like a whore, used and cummed into, but beautiful :D


Never cry over spilled milk.

June 2010. The air was quiet and the mood was still. I was coming home from my university class and arrived at the lonely train station not far from my house.

While checking my hair in the mirror, I noticed another person following me into the toilet. He was in his late 30s, a man of quite a size with a strange demeanour. It seemed as though he was following me into the loo.

Not suspecting anything, I checked myself into a cubicle, and locked the door before I heard:

*tap tap tap

It was a meaningful tap, as if on purpose to draw my attention.

*tap tap tap

"Hello? What’s wrong?" I asked matter-of-factly.

"Are you top or bottom?"

"Erm.. what’s with that question?"

"Are you top or a bottom?" a gruffled voice says.

I paused for a moment, my heart racing in sudden surge of hormones tingling down my penis. I’ve met a predator. Him the wolf, and me, the willing victim.

For almost 10 mins, nothing happened. My heart almost stopped when I gently unlocked the door and opened it slightly.

He looked at me, with eyes reeking of lust. I beckoned him to join me in the cubicle. And then i locked the door.

The predator suddenly lunged forward and hugged me, then he rudely touched my penis and cupped my butts between his sweaty fingers. My penis was almost bursting out of my tight underwear. He then pulled down my jeans and stroked the frenulum with his dirty fingers. Next, the predator put 2 fingers into my mouth to simulate a blow job and then sliced those wet fingers into my anus. My well-opened anus accepted the fingers gratefully.

Finally, he pulled down his own pants to reveal a 4 inch engorged penis. While doing so, I undressed myself fully. And he signaled me to sit on the toilet bowel.

The predator then took out a small carton of milk and tore open the lid. He forced me to bend forward in doggy style. Next, he gently pry open my lax anus and then carefully poured the fresh, chilly milk into my warm tunnel.

After which, the predator forced his 4 inch dick into my anus. And we fucked for almost half an hour raw. Mad with hormones, I violently gyrate my butt against his thrustly hips. Suddenly, I could sensed a rush of warm fluid shooting into my canal. I immediately pulled away from his wet penis and leaned forward to suck his penis to my heart’s content.

His dick is now a mix of semen, fresh milk and my anal scent. It had such a lovely aftertaste. The predator helped me by giving me a hand job, and I ejaculated not long after.

Before zipping up and leaving, he used his underwear to collect my semen, pledging to keep my scent forever.

We then departed, never to see each other again - two strangers in a strange june night.